Andres Alcala Scholarship Fund

at Rancho Cielo

About Andres Alcala Jr. Scholarship Fund

The day after Andres' tragic death, his family still reeling from their loss decided that they did not want him to be remembered based on the "news" of his passing but more on the life that he lived.

The scholarship fund is a way to continue Junior's legacy of an exemplary example for both youngsters and adult.  The goal is to help even just one person make a different choice in life.  The loss of Junior affected many many people and it was hinged upon a choice that a person made when they chose to take Junior from us.  Had they had the opportunity at some point in their life to make different choice, then all further choices could have been altered thus changing the turn of events on May 25, 2008.

Our mission is to change the life of one person, thus changing the lives of many.